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Brighton kitchen

Here's one of our all-time favourite jobs partly because it was on the unusual side!
Adam from BG architects contacted us asking if we could apply printed glass to the cabinets of a project he was doing in Brighton. 

His client had an old photograph that his father had taken in Africa in the 1960s which we scanned and converted into digital format.
The job saw us clad the entire kitchen in printed glass: the fridge, freezer, all 16 draws and the concertina pantry doors!
We gave every panel (more than 30 pieces of glass) a 3mm shadow line to be consistent with the drawer and door spacings.

So there you have it: ‪#‎printedglass‬ can be applied to cabinets and moving parts. Get in touch if you'd like to find out how.

paul.m: Printed glass specialists, located in Melbourne Australia.
We specialize in:
Printed glass splashbacks - Printed glass design and installation - glass wall art - canvas art - custom wallpapers
High quality toughened safety glass - We can install both indoors and outdoors.