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Printed glass online

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There is more to PaulM than meets the eye!

It’s true.
We’ve been fascinated with glass since the turn of the millennium when we were obsessed with the challenge of trying to print on to glass before anyone, to our knowledge, had succeeded. We were convinced it would be possible and after many tests and trials over a number of years we succeeded to print on to glass and then opened for business in the mid-2000s. Printed glass is in our DNA but prior to our breakthrough we actually focused more on creating and selling canvas art. And before that Paul worked as a qualified carpenter in the building profession for a number of years. This professional journey has shaped the products that PaulM offers and defined the value we add on many different levels to any job.

We work with the public (residential) and the building industry (commercial projects).

We’ll guide you to select or design your dream splashback, wallpaper, glass or canvas art and we will leverage our carpentry background to ensure your installation experience is memorable for all the right reasons.
We’re a bit of a stickler for quality and attention-to-detail and that’s all included in the price along with our warm, easy-going manner.

PaulM is proud to offer: 
  • Printed glass (splashbacks): As you can see from the photo galleries on our website, printed glass can be used almost anywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, entry hall, behind an outdoor BBQ or even beside your pool. Our quotes include a site measure, artwork, the supply of printed glass and final installation.
  • Canvas art: we create colourful and tasteful canvas designs in a range of sizes to match the interior in any home or work environment. Canvas art is a very simple, cost effective way of transforming a space with a piece of artwork and our canvas art comes with a 75 year no-fade guarantee.
  • Printed glass wall art: We’re keen photographers and passionate about art and design. Many of our splashbacks feature our photography, our creative designs, or a fusion of the two, and this has led us to develop a product line of smaller, printed glass art that can adorn the wall in any home or office.
  • Wallpaper: Offering wallpaper with custom images is a natural extension of what we’ve always done. We print on to glass, on to canvas and we can light up any room with a custom image of your choice on wallpaper.
  • Our products are manufactured locally and meet Australian standards. For peace-of-mind we also offer a 7 year warranty on our printed glass products and our canvas art has a 75 year no-fade guarantee.
paul.m: Printed glass specialists, located in Melbourne Australia.
We specialize in:
Printed glass splashbacks - Printed glass design and installation - glass wall art - canvas art - custom wallpapers
High quality toughened safety glass - We can install both indoors and outdoors.