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Latest News

Award Winning Bathroom

This printed glass installation had such an impact it won 'Best Bathroom under $30,000' in the Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing Awards back in 2013.

The client's vision was to feature his children on the wall of his new bathroom and he supplied us with a photograph taken while holidaying in Darwin.
Built into the 2.7m high x 4 metres wide wall were three shaving cabinets, one for each of his children, and 11 individual pieces of glass complete the award winning job.
The judges remarked "The small area required a simple, uncluttered appeal in addition to the ability to function as a complete wet area, with children able to splash as they wish."

Like to install a bathroom or kitchen splashback featuring a photo of a special moment or family members? Paul.M can make it happen.
paul.m: Printed glass specialists, located in Melbourne Australia.
We specialize in:
Printed glass splashbacks - Printed glass design and installation - glass wall art - canvas art - custom wallpapers
High quality toughened safety glass - We can install both indoors and outdoors.