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A hidden bathroom beside an outside plunge pool. 

Our client wanted a feeling of being immersed in nature so we researched an image of a waterfall surrounded with greenery and natural rocks.
We then selected a beautiful metallic silver wall colour to complement the image on ‪#‎printedglass‬. This colour was also used on the surrounding walls.

The end result - a very unique bathroom and when the door is closed it just looks like a wall of cabinetry!

It was a tight space to work within but was no problem as we just made sure we had extra man power to complete the job.

paul.m: Printed glass specialists, located in Melbourne Australia.
We specialize in:
Printed glass splashbacks - Printed glass design and installation - glass wall art - canvas art - custom wallpapers
High quality toughened safety glass - We can install both indoors and outdoors.